Introduction to Policies

Policies governing members of the Homeowner and Condo Associations are spelled out in the respective Declaration documents of each Sawgrass association. In general, such policies are intended to protect owners' investment and quality of life.
Sections of this site highlight and summarize select policies for owners' convenience, but the Associations and Board are not responsible for errors or omissions in such summaries. All members are strongly cautioned to review the Declarations, resolutions and amendments available through this site for complete information. 

Architectural Review Information

The Architectural Review Process oversees the review and/or approval of Owner proposed construction and/or modifications with respect to the environment, safety, harmony of external design, color and location in relation to surrounding structures and topography and conformity with the design concept for the community. 
We have one unified Architectural Review Committee (ARC) working with Owners of any single family home or condo/townhome - for all Owners.  

Court & Amenity Usage Policies

In order to use the Pickleball/Tennis courts, you must submit a signed waiver, make a reservation and follow the rules for the use of the courts.  At the moment there is NO OPEN PLAY. To make a reservation on our Sawgrass website prior to play is fairly easy and the instructions how to do this are outlined below. 

Pet Policies

Master Association: Homeowners are not permitted to board or raise livestock or poultry. Homeowners are permitted to keep a reasonable number of dogs, cats or customary household animals, provided they are not kept for commercial purposes, do not constitute an annoyance, and are not permitted to roam at large. Pets must be attended all times and owners are responsible to immediately remove the pet’s waste.

Condo Association: Similar to Master Association, but further limits members to a maximum of three (3) domesticated pets per unit.

Pool Policies

For the avoidance of doubt, the policies below apply to the community's pools in both the North and South locations. To view the full Pool Rules, please use the following link: Sawgrass 2023 Pool Rules
Use of the Sawgrass Pools is restricted to members of the Sawgrass community, their tenants and guests only. Members must accompany their guests and are responsible for their actions and safety.
A completed Recreational Liability Waiver must be completed prior to any resident, their tenants or guests entering the pool areas. A copy of the waiver is available here. Pool Bracelets will not be issued without your waiver on file. 
In addition, each household is issued bracelets to be worn by all residents, tenants and guests whenever they are in a pool area. Concurrent use of the pool is strictly limited to eight (8) people per household.

All persons must use this facility at their own risk, and in compliance with these rules

Admittance: Pool hours are 9am to 8pm daily, or as otherwise posted.Swimming is prohibited at all other times
  • Pool Wristbands – This year’s wristband color is Teal. Wristbands MUST be worn while in the pool area. Failure to use your wristbands may result in your admittance being denied
  • DO NOT open the gate for anyone who’s keycard isn’t working, or for anybody not wearing their wristbands.
  • Children of 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult of 16 years or older
  • Unsupervised solo swimming by anyone 12 years or younger is not permitted under any circumstances
Behavior and Safety:
  • NO DIVING! Diving is not permitted in any part of the pool area
  • Horseplay such as running, dunking, splashing, shoving, etc. is not allowed
  • Swimmers must wear appropriate swimming attire
  • NO GLASS CONTAINERS are allowed anywhere inside the pool fence
  • If thunder and/or lightning is heard or seen, the pool area must be completely evacuated for 30 minutes past the last observance of these weather events
Food & Drink:
  • Food and drink are NOT PERMITTED in the pool (in the water). No Glass containers are allowed anywhere inside the pool fence!
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pool area (inside the pool fence)
  • Any person(s) believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs are prohibited from entering the pool area
  • Swimmers must shower before entering the pool
  • Persons with open sores, rashes or other diseases are not permitted in the pool
  • Swimming diapers must be used as needed
  • Spitting, urinating, blowing of nose, spouting water or depositing foreign matter into the pool is strictly prohibited
  • NO ANIMALS are permitted in the pool area (inside the pool fence)
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the pool area (inside the pool fence)
Common Courtesy, Please!
  • Refrain from sitting on the furniture inside the clubhouse in wet bathing suits
  • Refrain from changing babies’ diapers on the furniture inside the clubhouse
  • Diapers must be thrown in the trash bins in the restrooms – do not leave them on the bathroom counters or floors
  • Recreational floatation devices of an individual size are permitted. Group rafts or other large flotation devices are not allowed
  • Please put your chairs back and close your umbrellas when you leave
  • Be sure your guests are aware of these rules as their behavior can impact your privileges
Violation of these rules may result in termination of your pool privileges, at the discretion of the Board of Directors. All violations should be promptly reported to Seascape Property Management at (302) 645-2222

Fitness Center Policy


Rental Policies

Master Association: No lease, whether for a term of months or years, will be valid unless delivered to the Board of Directors or an Officer of Association and receipt is acknowledged.
Condo Association: Any lease or rental agreement must be in writing and shall not be for a term of less than seven (7) days. All leases must be pre-approved and filed with the property management company or the Board of Directors.

This form must be signed and submitted for all rentals. Click here

Trash & Recycling Policies

The community's vendor for trash and recycling is Waste Industries.Trash is collected each Thursday, while recycling is collected on alternate Thursdays. Please refer to the calendar on this site to determine which Thursdays pertain to recycling pickup. Except on such Thursdays, trash and recycling receptacles are to be stored out of sight.For guidelines on recycling, please refer to the Waste Industries page. Finally, please note that no owner is permitted to burn trash at any time.

Vehicle & Parking Policies

Master Association: No junk vehicle, unlicensed or inoperable vehicle, commercial vehicle, house trailer, boat or boat trailer, bus or similar vehicle, except vehicles in connection with the use and maintenance of a lot, may be kept on a Property or a street, unless parked with a garage. Non-commercial pickup trucks of ¾ ton or less are permitted. Except for ordinary ingress and egress, garage doors must be kept closed.

Condo Association: The parking areas shall not be used for any purpose other than to park automobiles.

Clubhouse parking lots are not for general parking, and especially not for overnight parking