Sawgrass East Condominium Association
As of July 30, 2020 we have a newly elected Board of Directors for the Sawgrass East Condo Owners Association. The board members are listed below. They can be contacted using the online form: Sawgrass East Condo Association Contact Us Form
President: Anne Smith
Secretary: Nancy Hoffman
Treasurer: Loye Miller
You can find the condo association declaration and bylaws under "Resources" -> Condo Assn Documents and minutes from our meetings under "Resources" -> HOA and Committee Meeting Minutes 

Sawgrass East Condo Association Documents
Sawgrass homeowners who occupy townhomes are members of the Condo Association, also known as Sawgrass East. Please note that members of the Condo Association pay dues to both the Master and Condo Associations.
Through the links below, you can access the documents filed in Sussex County during the original formation of the association, along with revisions and amendments filed subsequent to the formation of Sawgrass.